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The Day Before President's Day

Our annual day trip to Healdsburg and Sebastopol

Story by Steven Yan February 16th, 2014


Four years ago, I randomly picked a bottle of Unti Vineyards 2007 Syrah off of a shelf at Whole Foods in San Mateo. Unti has since become our favorite local vintner and we make an annual day trip to visit the winery for a tasting.

I also like Cajun food — it’s one of the few true American gastronomic creations. We stopped at Parish Cafe in Healdsburg for po’boys, gumbo, and fried okra. Nom.

Photo Feb 16, 12 13 13 PM.jpg
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unti vineyards

Unti is a small batch producer of Grenache, Sangiovese, and Syrah west of Healdsburg, California. On this trip, we picked up their last three bottles of 2008 Grenache, a lovely new release of 2012 Barbera, and of course, the Syrah.

It was a warm and sunny February afternoon in Healdsburg. We took Neska for a walk to explore the vineyard, which laid barren, waiting for the next growing season.

Photo Feb 16, 1 59 37 PM.jpg


After visiting Unti, we decided to continue north along Dry Creek Road to Lake Sonoma to find a place for Neska to play. We found an amazing park with a large field near the Warm Springs National Fish Hatchery, where apparently there was a steelhead run going on.

I completed my BH obedience trial with Neska in February, but we still have a lot to work on with her. This is the first time I’ve captured Neska with my telephoto lens — she looks liked a deranged harbor seal when she’s in full sprint.


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You wouldn’t expect to find a world class bakery nestled along the lazy roads outside of Sebastopol, but that’s Wildflour Bakery. When we’re in the area, Cec and I love to stop by for freshly-baked scones and, in the summertime, explore the garden outside of the bakery. We picked up two delicious goat flats, a few mushroom and gruyere scones, a lavender and ginger scone, and a super seed round.

The barn across the street from the bakery is quintessentially American with its weathered shed and old grain silo.

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On our way home, we drove through the rolling hills between Bodega Bay and Petaluma. We like to watch the cows and sheep go by.

Footnote: Photos taken with a 5D Mk III and iPhone 5S
Healdsburg, CA, United States